Loves Park Illinois Restaurants

Businessman Ron Krepfle learned Wednesday afternoon that he had been approached by the Illinois Department of Health. Three companies received closure orders this week and three others received dissolution notices. According to the Health Ministry website, three of the stores that received the notification of the spread on Tuesday were in Love Park and two in Loves Park, the ministry said.

The notice also included a warning that WCHD would not return to the store for two other reasons, WREX reported. All three companies confirmed on Thursday that they had told the health board that they would not be closing voluntarily and had no plans to do so.

We need to stay open to the community, "said Jonathan Sutherland, who is in charge of Neighbor Marketing and Public Relations. The only shop on the list that is temporarily closed is Casey's Pub, which has recently been reopened. Fozzy's Bar & Grill in Loves Park is not closing and does not plan to close, the owner said. Like us on Facebook for more food news from the Chicago Tribune and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This story has been updated to correct the number of closed stores. Health officials said Thursday that the labels on the Health Ministry's website do not mean they will not be voluntarily closed. These would be switched to involuntary closures if local courts or local authorities take action to enforce health rules.

During this time, we may be able to provide additional recommendations and regulations for the safety of employees and guests and comply with existing fire and building codes. Often wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol. If you have symptoms, call your doctor or health care professional to visit the emergency room of a clinic.

The city has issued new guidelines and will conduct periodic inspections and require inspections from city inspectors that it deems necessary to protect health, safety and good conduct. City employees will visit each location to ensure that operations are conducted within state and local guidelines. We will therefore require that companies comply with the guidelines set out here and inform the city by email (stevethompson @ before opening.

Guests, restaurants, bars and employees must wear masks if social detachment cannot be maintained. All local, state and federal laws and regulations governing the sale and distribution of alcohol must be followed.

We encourage you to surround your OSA with fences to visually separate your area from the frequently used access to motor vehicles and to control visitors "entry and exit options to minimize negative interfaces for pedestrians and vehicles. Physical barriers and partitions are necessary to protect your customers from pedestrians, vehicles, pedestrians and other non-vehicle-related traffic. If your restaurant or bar has a through lane or curb to pick it up, protect the seating area with barriers that prevent motorists from possibly passing through. Parking spaces may be used for dining tables, but as long as no such access for pedestrians or the disabled is re-designated, tables may not be blocked or driven into the aisles.

If a tent or canopy is to be used, it must be fireproof and meet all approved canopies. All outdoor seating plans must meet the requirements of the fire service, including fire protection, fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment. The rules governing indoor seating and the use of tents and other non-flammable materials will continue to be determined by the city and the state as such and may be changed from time to time.

If the city determines that a temporary operating permit is no longer required, it may revoke it at any time. Permission to operate operating systems as they are does not create a condition for the holding owner to retain, operate or maintain an OSA. It is a temporary permit for indoor dining, which is not allowed, and not a permanent permit.

The city is encouraging facility owners to comply with and implement the current CDC pandemic-related recommendations, and they will continue to be subject to guidelines from the Winnebago County Department of Health, established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The authority has the power to respond to complaints received or observed in order to protect health and the public. Under the Department of Health's enforcement procedures, violations are punished with a notification of actions that dissolve pending the implementation of corrective actions.

The city is currently processing a new round of applications and is considering a second lawsuit for the first. If the owner has paid only one first installment, he does not have to pay the second installment when he applies for renewal. Those who have not paid $200 within 30 days of cancellation will be fined $1,000 and / or will be required to return an additional $500 to the city.

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More About Lovespark