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The entertainment calendar is filled with a variety of concerts, exhibitions, festivals and performances in the Rockford area. Opportunities abound, and I have compiled a list of the best and most interesting events, exhibitions and events for the next few months.

The Stateline Family YMCA offers flag football for all ages and offers ice skating, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and other activities. The Rock Park District offers a variety of activities for children, including ice skating, snowboarding, swimming, tennis and more. The State Line at Rock River Valley Recreation Center features flags and football for all ages, as well as a wide range of events for adults and children. Rock Park offers Flag Football for Kids, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis and others.

The Rock River Valley YMCA offers a wide range of activities for adults and children, including flag football for all ages, ice skating, snowboarding, swimming, tennis and other activities.

Young Rembrandts offers after-school art classes for drawing and cartooning, and SmARTy Pants Rockford offers a wide range of art classes, including painting, drawing, painting and drawing for adults and children, as well as a variety of activities for children. The Discovery Center includes a community - a science park and science museum that will allow visitors of all ages to explore scientific principles, and a Museum of Science, Technology, Technology and Mathematics (STEM). Rockman Park District offers a variety of arts and crafts activities, including art and music classes, art workshops and more.

For nearly 70 years, the museum has delighted art lovers by hosting the Greenwich Village Art Fair for two days. 76 works by 70 artists living in six states were selected for the Biennial. Original works created by living artists in all media in 2018 are eligible for the Biennale.

A maximum of 155 artists representing eligible media may be exhibited at the Biennial, with a maximum number of works per artist of 30. A full-color Artist Directory containing the artist's name, address, phone number, email address and contact information will be distributed throughout the weekend. If you refuse to submit an image, an image will be selected from a pool of over 1,000 submissions from artists from around the world.

We are not liable for damage or loss of property and we are not liable for damage to property in the event of fire, theft, vandalism or other damage to property.

Artists and their employees who do not comply with the Greenwich Village Art Fair guidelines are asked to leave the fair for a refund. Artists who do not comply with our policies and / or their employees may be asked to leave the fairest ones without any refund.

We are also disheartened that the museum has closed Rockford's Midwestern Biennial exhibition. We are committed to experiencing the exhibition virtually and will continue to offer educational video tours of the artworks.

The Rev. Brent Dahlseng presided over the opening ceremony of the museum's Midwestern Biennial exhibition in Rockford, Illinois, on Saturday, June 12, 2016.

By registering and exhibiting at the RAM Greenwich Village Art Fair, you agree that your submitted image will be used for marketing and promotional purposes. You or your invitation to participate will not incur any fees, nor will you be charged for the invitation or participation.

The Greenwich Village Art Fair considers several copies of original art made using photographic, mechanical, digital or casting technology as reproductions. All works must be made entirely by the hand of the exhibiting artist and are entirely hand-made - by him or her. The artist is responsible for collecting, reporting and reporting all proceeds from the sale of his works, plus a combined sales tax of $1,000.

The Rockford Park District has made this area a major attraction, and artists exhibit in the area every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from May to October. Designated free parking and overnight accommodations are reserved for the Rockman Park Walk, a walk through the park with views of the city skyline and riverside.

Anemotive Kinetic welcomes guests to the Rockford Park District's annual Art in the Park exhibition, which runs from May to October every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Rockman Park Walk, with its views of the city skyline and riverfront, is a great place to stroll.

The Rockford Area is home to the Coronado Performing Arts Center, one of the nation's most prestigious performing arts centers. It has won numerous prestigious national awards and has hosted many of Illinois "most prestigious music events, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Ballet and Chicago Opera, as well as a variety of regional, regional and national festivals and events. In addition to state-of-the-art performance facilities, CorONado PAC is also home to a variety of local and regional arts organizations and schools.

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More About Lovespark